Take a kid fishing

The trout and redfish bite has been good lately.   We are still using popping corks for the trout.  Underneath the cork, we usually use a 1/4oz jig head and the gulp new penny color or gulp pearl color.

For redfish, cut mullet is a great way to catch them but if you are up for casting, then you can cover a lot of ground and have some fun with a Redfish Magic spinnerbait.   Just keep it off the oyster bars the best you can.  Once you feel bottom just pick your rod tip up and that will pick your lure up a little.

The black drum are also out there and if you can find one tailing, just get a live shrimp (under a bobber) close to him and you will have a good fight on your hands.  The big black drum are not great table fair, in my opinion, but man they are fun to catch!  My daughter would always make me chase tailing black drum around when I was trying to catch redfish.  She enjoyed the hunt and the fight.  She didn’t care about it not being on the table, just enjoyed the moment.

Today I was out on the water with my brother in law and nephew.  We were after bass but the warmouth and other panfish were hitting everything we threw.  We finally tied on a few beetle spins and had some fun.  My nephew hooked up on a mud fish (bowfin) and had a great fight on his hands.  Most of us consider this a trash fish, but Brody didn’t care one bit about what type fish it was, only that it was giving him a fight.

Sometimes we as adult fishermen and fisherwomen seem to lose sight of what is really important on the water.  We often times get so caught up in the quest for that monster game fish, the “need” to load the boat with fish…..that we forgot what got us there in the first place-the love of being out there and feeling a tug on the line.

Take a kid fishing every chance you get and don’t be so concerned about what you are catching.  This wll do two things right away; first, it will give them a great time on the water and second, it will help you remember why you fell in love with this fishing thing in the first place.

Tight lines,

Capt. J. Lowe