It has been a little while since I sent anything out….life has been busy!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year so far.

Florida is such a great state for fishing!  With all the warm weather we are still having, the trout are still out on the flats.  We have been catching them in about 3′ of water with our normal popping cork rigs.  Live shrimp have been a good appetizer too.  I have been rigging a jig and then putting a shrimp on too and the trout seem to like it.  

Reds are scarce unless you can get back in the creeks and back country marsh.  The reds move way back in there this time of year.  With the winter time tides, this makes it a little tough unless you run an airboat, kayak or jet foot.  I have two kayaks and plan on doing some kayak fishing soon.  

I would like to close this update by thanking each of you for your support in 2018.  It has been a great year and each of you have helped me make it great.  I am looking forward to what God has planned for 2019.